Top 5 freelancer websites for 2021

Top 5 freelancer websites for 2021
Top 5 freelancer websites for 2021

Here is Work Online Review’s list for top freelance websites for 2021 

We start our list with a new entry. Globashare is the next generation work-online platform, joining the party in 2020. While other freelancer websites put more power in the hand of the buyers, the reverse is true for Globashare. Where more power is being given to sellers. With an open approach to getting people selling their work quickly. Globashare offers great networking tools and the lowest commissions on the market. 

While other platforms let you either freelance or sell digital downloads, Globashare allows you to sell and find work in many more ways. These ways include, selling downloads, freelancing, selling subscriptions and services. What makes all of that special is that, you can sell in combinations of all of the above. Allowing you to incentivise your offerings and grow your work world . This without putting in the hefty effort required by other platforms in oder to get working.

Importantly Globashare also avoids the issue of “race to the bottom prices” other freelance websites have found themselves in. This is done by taking the focus away from just bid-based hiring. With Globashare it’s more about the quality of your offering.

Globashare Pros: 

Sell with many sales and transaction types, 

Sell digital downloads

Sell subscriptions

Globashare Cons

Still new

Misses a few of the tools available in other work platforms

No support for Apple Pay or any cryptocurrencies

No A/B testing functionality


Gumroad is an easy to use shopping cart that will allow you to get started selling your products immediately. It has a decent amount of features and charges you a percentage of your transactions. This makes GumRoad great for low volume sales, but not ideal for more professional sellers.

Sellers set-up one page websites offering digital downloads or subscriptions. There is no escrow system for protecting sellers from transactions, as sellers will be required to supply their own payment gateway, such as PayPal.  And the website does not cater for the selling of services. With no real networking feature Gum Road isn’t great for building relationships either.

GumRoad pros

Supports subscriptions and payment plans

Ability to generate license keys for selling software products

Can easily create discounts and coupons

GumRoad CONS

No way to offer paid or free trials

No incentivisation tools

No live chat or Facebook community

People Per Hour

People per hour is a gig style platform. Allowing freelancers to offer fixed offer services at fixed costs. What makes PeoplePerHour different from other work online platforms, is its “regional” attitude to buying and selling. This lets buyers choose from sellers who are local to them as well as sellers further afield. Similarly, sellers looking for local work may access buyers in their own region also.

PeoplePerHour is a large platform for freelancers, seeking to work from home. However the commissions a some of the highest in the industry. With both buyers and sellers paying as much as 20% commission on each transaction. People Per Hour do tend to spam their users a lot also, which can lead to missed emails, as important emails sometimes end in your junk mail folder

Other features is that you can manage a freelancer, as well as an employer account under one roof. Simply switch between the two. This is a brilliant time saving feature that benefits both parties.

People Per Hour Pros

Hire and work locally

Large offering of gigs/services

Buy and sell services as the same user

People Per Hour Cons

Very high commissions for both buyers and sellers

Walled garden, you will be barred from for contacting users outside their platform

Limited to fixed price services only


Upwork is one of the first and most established freelance marketplaces that connects buyers and independent sellers from all across the world. With a huge offering of skills Upwork is a simply a services and freelancing platform. No marketplace for digital downloads or subscriptions.

Upwork is the ideal example of what is called a  “bidding marketplace”. Although this model has proven to be popular over the years both freelancers who get jobs from Upwork and clients who want to hire remote or part-time employees have discovered that it also has some flaws. Most notably is the issue of “race to the bottom prices”. As the platform opens bidding to different markets across the world, not all skills are priced the same. The result is that freelancers are seeing the value of their skills being eroded.

Upwork works like most other freelancer marketplaces. That means buyers posting a job, list a “place holder price” they are willing to pay and sellers can counter with a price they find to be fair. Bids can be set at either hourly rates (not good for sellers) or by milestone.

As one of the largest marketplaces, commission rates are also quite high, 20% for sellers.

Upwork Pros

One of the largest freelancer platform on the market

A large array of skills available from a large pool of freelancers

Great features for companies wanting to hire multiple freelancers

Upwork Cons

Freelancing only (buying and selling by hourly rate or tasks by milestone)

Commissions on sellers 20%

Upwork is a walled garden, you will be bared from for contacting users outside their platform


Fiverr is a marketplace that connects freelancers with buyers looking for specific services or gigs. The site offers a wide array of categories for work including coding, tax services, translations and design etc. Sellers’ create “gigs”, which are single website pages outlining fixed services, at fixed prices. The website is ideal for getting generic, boiler-plate work done quickly at low, low prices.

Fiverr’s platform is fairly straightforward, and you can become an expert in finding what you need after a few minutes. And user support is good and quick. Fiverr also has it’s own forum where you can post questions, and people tend to be very helpful and informative.

Fiverr Pros

Marketplace allows equal opportunities for all sellers

Quick to get set up

Great customer support

Fiverr Cons

Fiverr tends to drive prices to rock bottom. Good for buyers not for sellers

Quality of work on offer is boiler plate 

Many gigs start at $5, and the platform takes 20% out of everything you sell. 

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