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The world of work is changing rapidly and working from home has has almost become the “new normal”. While having to work from home is new to many, some of us have lost their jobs altogether, while others are considering working differently than before. 

This has provoked many of us to question existing work practices and whether to seek new opportunities through part time or full time freelancing. bridges this transition and puts workers’ in-charge with powerful work-creation and online tools for selling your work online.

You may have heard of online freelancing,  you have work-experience and know-how and have the perfect home office at the ready. And now you have decided maybe it’s time to take the step forward into the new world of working online. You may have even been previously put-off by the idea of “work online”. From perhaps about some of the negative things you have  heard about  upwork and fiverr. On these platforms you may have noticed the competition for online work is immense will the low financial returns.  How these websites place barriers before “new” online workers. When these platforms make you compete for jobs and sales against well established sellers. It is precisely this problem that Globashare is here to solve, affording you more opportunity to create and sell you work, while growing your own online customer network. Globashare is an open platform uniquely positioned to support new workers as it offers all freelancers, equal work opportunities to “create work” as a starting point.

Globashare – work independently is the social work platform that is helps people transition to the future work. With the ongoing global pandemic, many workers have had the chance to work the way freelancers always have done, from home. A lot of workers have saved time and benefited from this experience, indeed many companies have continued to let their employees work from home often saving time and expense in commuting to work, while out-performing in their productivity. Many of us have come to recognise that they indeed prefer their new home-work-life balance.  Even if your company hasn’t embraced working from home Globashare still affords you the opportunity to monetise your know-how, information and skills even beyond your working hours. 

Globashare the online work community

One of the most daunting things about starting your own online freelance business is doing it alone. That’s why Globashare has made the platform about community, networking and collaboration. Meeting people, creating connections and putting the user first making Globashare stand out.

Work from where ever you are in the world

Undoubtably working from anywhere in the world is the greatest advantage of online freelance work. All of us have dreamed of working from some remote location, selfishly choosing when and what to offer. For others it’s working from home or close to the family or away from the city, now with Globashare monetising your passions and interests this becomes possible, now matter where you are.

Globashare the power to sell like a corporation

Globashare stands on the shoulders of Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr. Where first generation work sites are able to offer one or two ways of buying and selling, Globashare offers 6 different ways of buying and selling your knowledge and information. In addition to allowing you to offer your services for sale, Globashare also lets you sell your files and digital downloads. You can also sell your content and information with your very own monthly subscription plans. And you can also work online, freelancing by milestone.

Globashare’s powerful sharing and networking tools

It doesn’t stop there with Globashare’s powerful sharing and networking tools you can easily share connect and collaborate with one click, helping you promote your work around the web and directly to your own connections. You can also search and connect with other workers to collaborate to work with the power of many.

What we love about

The ability to work online in so many different ways including; selling services, selling digital downloads and subscriptions. Being able to network, connect and collaborate. An open platform that affords everyone the opportunity to work and create new economies. A trusted and reliable environment that affords both buyers and sellers safety and security when it comes to conducting work-commerce.

What were looking forward to on

Globashare will continue to work and develop “future of work” technologies – such as virtual companies and organisations, allowing users across the world to form agreements and companies and operate virtual business safely, bringing down the final barriers on work creation for everyone – not matter who or where they are.

How does Globashare work – how can I work online?

You will need to create a “Share Page”. A Share Page is a single page website that presents your work or offering and takes about three minutes to create. Before you start make sure you have prepared a name to title for your share page, a detailed description of your offering, any file-uploads that you may have and a Share Page cover image/video (if you don’t have an image you can pick one from Globashare’s online library. Finally you can add a price to you offering. Then submit your page for review. Then start sharing it around the web

Join now access great benefits 

Globashare is currently offering new uses gold membership, “profile featuring” on social media and ongoing user promotions, as part of their online display-ad campaigns. If you think Globashare is right for you now is the time to join Globashare. Now is the time to grow your online work world. Good luck

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