3 Surprisingly Simple Ideas for the Future of Work

The Future of Work - Globashare.com
The Future of Work – Globashare.com

The world is entering a new age of technological change that will transform the job landscape. So much so that thinkers are beginning to talk more and more about the need to create future “work” – rather than simply just talking about creating future “jobs”.

Future of Work – With increasing intensity, the digital age is driving this evolution, at an almost surreal pace. The key drivers of change:


Extremely large databases that analyse and reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.

AI and Machine Learning

Computers that have the ability to “learn” without being explicitly programmed to do so – again, especially to do with behaviour and interactions.


Robots land airplanes, detect cancer and grow our food. Soon robots will drive our cars and conduct complete surgeries.

So what will the Future of work look like?

Given that computers are taking over so many “jobs”, it is incumbent for “workers” to create their own new economies. Economies shaped by culture.

Marketplaces are after all, a place where people choose to compete under a set of overriding rules. Rules of Workers’ own making. Think game theory.

So, what kind of new economies? Here are a few economic concepts that might emerge

Virtual Organisations

Opportunities, by nature, are discreet openings that are found or created by those seeking them. To take advantage of discreet opportunities independent workers will adopt systems for creating light enterprises, underpinned by systems for deal-making and trust and reliability.

IP Marketplaces

Market forces are driving the trend in licensing and subscriptions for passive revenue generation, all underpinned by IP ownership.

As the world rushes to profit from this bedrock – laws, systems and marketplaces are being created to exploit this burgeoning model.

Lasting “Personal Units of Value” PUW

The digital age is flattening the corporate hierarchy through efficiency, shared information and outsourcing. To insure a “return” on the time we spend working, and to realize our output, our work will be watermarked, so that “value” created in the future can be realized later on, by workers as they move from opportunity to opportunity.

One more remark – Education and shared information in the digital age

Surely with the arrival of freely shared information, will we see a new era of entrepreneurship emerge.

Starting with education, where schools have been setup to feed the “job market” – there must be now an emphasis on original thinking, risk taking and entrepreneurship.

The Future of Work - Globashare.com
The Future of Work – a Model – Globashare ©

Have you identified new trends for the #FutureOfWork?

What are your thoughts or wisdom’s – what do you think might be the new ways of working for tomorrow?  Leave a comment now – to start the conversation…

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