Monetise your work powerfully in 5 different ways 

Sell your work - Monetise your skills, knowledge and work online - powerfully in 5 different ways

Before now monetising our work and knowhow online has been limited – with the growth of the “Sharing, Gig Economy” the internet is finally getting around to empowering the individual worker allowing you to “Sell your Work” in exciting new ways – launching soon – is the online marketplace offering users combinations of 5 different ways in which to Sell your Work – affording users instant access to world markets in under two minutes – the time it takes to create a “Share Page”.   Continue reading “Monetise your work powerfully in 5 different ways “

Monetise your work and knowhow online – it’s about to take off!

Monetise your work -
Globashare Marketplace for Monetizing Your Work, Knowledge & Skills

Did you ever ask yourself the question, when will the internet finally get around to empowering the individual worker? When will you be truly able to Monetise your work online?

And I mean truly empowering them. This means affording people the opportunity to profit fairly from global markets, gaining real value for their their own individual skills, intellectual property and knowledge. In their own time and in a way that suits them.

Slowly but surely there is a wave of online platforms emerging that offer such access, while still in their infancy they are beginning to make waves. Slowing their emergence is the conservative approach taken by payment providers and incumbent marketplace operators. On the payment front, there is good news from companies such as #Stripe #Braintree and of course #PayPal.

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