Monetise your work powerfully in 5 different ways 

Sell your work - Monetise your skills, knowledge and work online - powerfully in 5 different ways

Before now monetising our work and knowhow online has been limited – with the growth of the “Sharing, Gig Economy” the internet is finally getting around to empowering the individual worker allowing you to “Sell your Work” in exciting new ways – launching soon – is the online marketplace offering users combinations of 5 different ways in which to Sell your Work – affording users instant access to world markets in under two minutes – the time it takes to create a “Share Page”.  

What can you buy and sell

The list is endless – but its anything you can exchange digitally online. Categories include:

  • Audio & Music
  • Blogs / Vlogs / Valued Information
  • Business / PA / Accounting / Legal
  • Consulting & Advice
  • Digital Marketing
  • Field Work / Q&A’s / Surveys
  • Film, Video, Animation
  • 2 & 3D Graphics & Design
  • Information Alerts
  • IT & Code
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Written Word / Copywriting / Translation

Sell your Work powerfully in 5 different ways 

1. Buy & Sell Products at fixed prices 

Sell your ready work. Are you a producer of content, information, data, code or media. Globashare’s fixed price sales model allows you to upload your content and price it ready for sale and sharing around the web almost instantly.

2. Buy & Sell Services at fixed or tiered pricing

Sell your knowhow as a service with pre-defined prices, with or without bolt-ons, allowing you to maximise your offerings with clear and practical purchase options.

3. Crowd Fund & Pre-sell

Are you looking for a minimum number of sales before starting work on your offering – or looking to take pre-orders on a limited item you are producing – Globashare offers this facility.

4. Subscriptions, Patronships & Appeals

Subscriptions are taking the world by storm – why sell your information once when you can take a monthly fee for your work. You don’t want to sell something directly – but want support for you work? Then try launching an appeal or patronship.

5. Freelance by Milestone

Freelance in Globashare’s freelance marketplace – setting paid milestones for complex jobs – creating clear targets for buyers and sellers to follow – where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work.

Sell in all of the above ways

With Globashare you are not limited to one of the above sales types – you may choose to sell your work using all of the above sales types – taking minutes to set up – and you are open to business to the world. Free to use – with no barriers to entry.

Globashare Trust and Reliability

At the core of Globashare is a system that promotes “Trust & Reliability” providing users a safe escrow and dispute resolution system that upholds a safe environment for buyers a seller to interact.

Future of Work – – coming soon.  Preregister for 3 months free Gold Membership.

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