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Sell information online -

Have you ever asked your self; how can I Sell information online?

Are you an analyst, researcher, market player or field-worker? Do you hold information of value? Maybe you are exposed to information that would improve other people’s lives. Maybe you have or get access to news before other people do. Maybe your analysis of information is valuable.

Up until now there has been no online service for automating the sale of information.

This is particularly true for individuals and during “brief windows of opportunity”.

The good news is now there is a powerful website available for the sale of information, with multiple sales models, that allows you to get up and selling fast in under 2 minutes.

That website is called – the marketplace and transactions platform for selling your information, you work, your IP and skills.

You can even sell information with combinations of different sales types including:

Selling your information as a subscription

Sell your information receiving monthly payments from your subscribers.

Selling your information at a fixed price

Got a special report sell it a fixed price.

Pre-sell your information

Are you planning to produce information at a given date in the future and want to take orders now?

Pre-sell with a minimum number of orders required

Do you need a minimum number of orders before completing your report?

Pre-sell with limit quantities

Are you planning to produce information at a given date and want to limit the quantity of sales – to drive an element of exclusivity?

Sell your expertise as a service

Sell your knowhow on demand at fixed rates or with tiered pricing.


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Sell information online – Let’s take a look at some ideas for selling using the subscriptions sale model

Sell What’s trending

Are you a trend-setter or influencer who’s insights marketing promoters value? Then now is the time to set up a paid monthly subscription detailing all of your exclusive insight.

To get going simply upload, invite, promote and acquire subscribers all from one place.

Sell Financial and Market data

Do you work in the financial and investment banking world? Do you research and process data that is of value to other traders?

It has never been easier to sell information online – with just a few clicks upload your information, invite, promote and share your offering

All it takes is just a few minutes.

Sell breaking news, summaries and alerts

Do you report from difficult or distant places? Do you report breaking news? Are you looking to raise funds to support your cause? Maybe you are funding an appeal? Or looking to profit privately from your journalism?

Create a subscription share page. Invite, promote and share your offering with readers and other news organizations around the world.

Fast, easy and powerful. Get up and broadcasting – sell information online – and get earning in minutes.

Sell field info – example – Food prices and availability

Do you work in agriculture or food production? Food buyers including restaurants, grocers, fish mongers and readymade meal producers – are all looking for the best produce at the best prices, as early in the day as possible.

Now market makers can create a “Share Page” and promote their info service, acquire subscribers and broadcast their information at the click of a few buttons – generating monthly subscriptions as they go.

Generate and Capture opportunities in a powerful sharing and networking community

Selling your knowhow, skills and work is open to everyone on The platform is a community of active workers, creating products, developing solutions, collaborating and creating networks across the world.

By joining Globashare you not only become a part of a powerful sales and promotional platform, you are opening yourself up new opportunities – drawing on the strength of your Globashare connections.

Meet and establish connections with industry professionals including: developers, financial, legal, copywriters, SEO marketing specialists, affiliate networking pros, audio and video professionals – the list goes on.

So, the next time a project comes along you can draw on an army of experts that will help you fulfil your next ventures.

SellInformation Online -
Sell information online – Some great ideas –

Selling Information Online –

About Globashare

Monetise Your Skills, Your Knowledge, Your Work on the world’s most powerful Gig /Sharing Economy, work platform.

  • Sell your content through single page e-commerce ready share pages
  • No barriers to entry – no coding skills required
  • Set up your share page in under 2 mins
  • Sell dynamically through combinations of sharing economy sale types
  • Showcase your work through Globashare’s curated marketplace
  • Network through Globashare’s built in social network
  • Share your content with the world through Globashare’s powerful sharing promotional features
  • A dynamic community driven sales platform

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