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Creating the perfect Service Share Page on
Service Share Pages are an excellent way to bring buyers straight to freelancers, without the hard work of having to reach out with custom-made proposals. On so far, Service Share Page Offers have been the most popular way for buyers to get their work done.

 What is a Service share page offer?
Service offers are small pre-packaged projects that can be delivered for a fixed price within a few days. Basically, a Service Share Page Offer is an ‘express project’, which is a great way to showcase your skills and services and attract new buyers who can try you out on a smaller piece of work.

Hot Fact: Over 45% of Service share page sales lead to larger follow-on work.

Creating a great Service Offering that will
attract buyers

1. Analyse your competition
Before you start creating a Service Share Page, it is a must to checkout your competition. Figure out what the most successful offerings have in common, so you can make sure you also hit these sweet spots.

Checkout if you find a niche within your skill-set with few offers, it could be an opportunity to exploit this skills gap.

Hot Tip

Above all, gain a strong understanding of the key factors that are leading to success for top performing freelancers, and work out how you can improve on this.

2. Create a clear and concise Share Page title
When creating a title for your Service Share Page, it is important to think about the search terms buyers will be using trying to find your service. The closer your title is to a buyer’s search term the better and the more likely your offering will stand out. But note keep it simple, don’t overdo it, you can also add more key search terms in your description

Hot Tip
Never create a Share Page title in all capital letters. Writing in all-caps is like shouting and turns buyers off.

Here’s a good sample
“Manage your Social Media Page for One Week to Increase Exposure”

3. Upload relevant, eye-catching images or video as your Share Page Cover
Create a share page image or video that grabs attention. Make sure it is off sufficient quality (1200x800px for images or 1080p for video is ideal)

Staying relevant
If your offering is about voiceovers, use an image of a microphone. If your offering is about WordPress, include their logo. By using iconography to represent your skills, the buyer can quickly spot your profile

Stay simple
Try and use a few visual components as possible. For example, either a logo, object, or face. A background and some text

Be Clear and show quality
Try and create a clear high-quality image, this will reflect on your perceived quality of offering. Don’t clutter or use an over busy image or video

If you are planning to create more than one share page in your niche, do not use exactly the same image. This will confuse your buyers. However, if you want your share pages to be alike, brand one part of the image or video with a corner graphic

Hot Tip
Stay Professional – Keep it simple

Here’s a good sample

Good Example of a Share Page Image
Good Example of a Share Page Image

4. Keep your description as detailed as possible
It is very important to keep your service offering as detailed, attractive and as clear as possible. What is the maximum number of words you will write or how many web pages will you deliver. Does your offering include the source files or not?

A common mistake is not stating exactly how long a video will be, how many seconds an animation will last, or number of revisions you offer.

It’s important to be as clear as possible on what is exactly included in your initial offering. Lack of detail will be leaving room for your client to take advantage of your offering.

Standing out
Outline what makes your service special. Explain why your service is different to other freelancers that are offering similar services. Use your description to highlight the benefits you offer the buyer, and how you will achieve this. With a great description, you’re more than half way to creating great opportunity ahead.

Hot Tip
Always, always proofread your descriptions, spelling mistakes will weaken your perceived professionalism

5. Be clear on your pricing
With Service Share Pages, your offer price is your “starting price”. From your page’s description you should describe in detail exactly what you will be offering at this price. Should your client like your offering, but require “more” they can always request an upgrade allowing you to “Customise” your offer, by clicking the “Custom Job Proposal” button. Here you can upgrade your price and your offer’s details.

Don’t start your initial price too high
To make your offer attractive to buyers, start by offering a limited service at a “starting price”. By creating an offer with a “starting price” you will attract more inquiries. With service share pages you can add up to three tiers of pricing, each with its own offer details. So, you can create a Basic, Business and Pro offering each with their own increasing price points.

That’s our tips on creating Service Share Pages, an awesome way to get freelancing online, let us know if you have any of your own in the comments below

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