Monetise your work and knowhow online – it’s about to take off!

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Did you ever ask yourself the question, when will the internet finally get around to empowering the individual worker? When will you be truly able to Monetise your work online?

And I mean truly empowering them. This means affording people the opportunity to profit fairly from global markets, gaining real value for their their own individual skills, intellectual property and knowledge. In their own time and in a way that suits them.

Slowly but surely there is a wave of online platforms emerging that offer such access, while still in their infancy they are beginning to make waves. Slowing their emergence is the conservative approach taken by payment providers and incumbent marketplace operators. On the payment front, there is good news from companies such as #Stripe #Braintree and of course #PayPal.

The right tools allowing you to safely make money online from your skills

At the core of business is the notion of “trust and reliability”, it’s how we are able to engage in commerce and create sustainable value. What is emerging are systems for promoting “trust and reliability” and with #blockchain tech I believe the day will soon arrive when workers can create their own discrete units of value that have lasting value – and that they can exchange and profit from.

Right now, you can sell your skills, content, media and information in various marketplaces or build-it-yourself websites. These platforms however have their own constraints and rules and remain entrenched in niche sectors – and are often closed walled-gardens, (think the appstores) that have very high rates of commissions from 25%-70%, – or they are cumbersome to set up and only offer a single sale type.

Lets talk about freedom and power to monetize our skills and work on the level of the individual – at the strength of large companies. What would you need?:

  1. A robust platform that actively promotes trust and reliability
  2.  Marketing and promotions strength
  3. Low cost of operation
  4. Accounting
  5. Legal
  6. Speed to market – less than a few minutes
  7. Flexible new economy sales models, (think subscriptions, services, crowd funding, presales, tiered pricing)
  8. Quality guarantees
  9. Payment protection
  10. Networking and Collaboration
  11. No Barriers to entry

Cue – monetise your work now!

The good news is that day is almost here. opens-up a new world of opportunities for the sharing economy – allowing Knowledge workers, information providers, content producers, and business people access to a massive community. A sales and sharing platform that puts individuals instantly in charge. A safe set of tools and infrastruction allowing you to monetise your work.

Offering flexible payment types including #subscriptions, #presales, #patronship, #auctions and #tiered_pricing. Globashare is also looking to the future with plans for enabling creation of rapid virtual companies thorough #blockchain technology.

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