How to generate freelance work in 2021

How to generate freelance work in 2021
How to generate freelance work in 2021

Top-of-Mind what does it mean? And your gateway to creating freelance work opportunity in 2021

There is an industry term called “Top-of-Mind” in the advertising and marketing business. Top-of-mind awareness is an important concept in consumer behaviour, marketing research and marketing communications. Top-of-mind awareness is one measure of how well brands rank in the minds of consumers, even for freelance work.

It works by when asking “what is the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about chocolate bars?” Or online streaming services etc. At the market level, this is more often defined as the “most remembered” or “most recalled”.

Workers as brands

Fast-forward 2020 and the very same applies to “us”, the humble worker/freelancer. Today we are all mini brands, and strategies for staying Top-of-Mind should be part of your daily output. In today’s disposable culture staying Top-of-mind could not be more relevant.

Well, how would you go-about such a thing? You’d probably jump to the obvious conclusion; posting and sharing my insight on social media, and online ads, right?

And you would be right in 2020. In 2021 thankfully, the online work world has grown up and now you have more effective tools for staying top of mind, while creating work opportunity.

When selling your work or products, you have a higher chance of selling when you can offer many items for sale. This may seem obvious. To increase your chances of selling even further, is to offer incentives, like give-aways and discounts. What increases your chances even further is to get potential customers linked to a newsfeed that alerts them every time you post a message, thereby making them aware of your latest offerings. is a powerhouse for selling your knowledge, services and tasks. Thanks to the many sales types, networking and marketing tools available. In other words, now you have the power to create work opportunity rather than just waiting for work to arrive. is the best freelance website for selling your work, your knowledge and skills online. Whether you are selling, services, digital products, digital downloads or subscriptions. If you are looking for online jobs, work online, work from home or to monetize your creator content.

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Let’s get started

The best way to think about building opportunity is to become memorable. To do this we should create a diverse set of offerings and periodically drip-feed them to your network. Some of you might not have a network, don’t fear, you’ll be creating one as you go.

To make things simple, let us put this plan in to four steps:

  1. Create
  2. Promote
  3. Incentivize
  4. Network


  1. If you are a content producer or service provider, start by uploading some digital content for sale. Be they reports, document templates, scripts or media etc. Note Globashare applies digital watermarking to your media when applicable, to make sure your media is well protected.
  2. Do you have in-depth knowledge in your sector. If you have the possibility create a multi part video course and upload it, do this.
  3. Now create one or more service offerings, stating what “tasks” you will be performing, turn-around time and set a price.
  4. Next set up a subscription channel (you have different options to choose from –  you can find them here). By creating a subscription channel, you can generate and stay connected to a network of buyers, as your subscribers will be notified of each post you make, as you make them. Here you can offer valued information, give-aways and paid to access posts.

By combining all of the above you can now incentivise your offerings. Meaning you can offer your future customers discounts and give-aways on other items. Afterall everyone likes to get rewarded and feel they are getting a “deal”.


Next, it’s time to promote. Start with your friends and family. It’s generally accepted that at least 35% of your sales will come from friends or family. Call, email, and what’s app them. Ask them to support you by buying, liking and sharing your work and social media.

Next start by following and commenting on others posting in your sector. Don’t offer them anything. Ask to connect with them. Always chime-in on their posts with positive feedback, and get to know them. Join groups on Facebook and Linked-in for freelance work and others.


Share your links and posts from your Globashare news feed, offering free items for those that follow you. Create seasonal promotions and share them with everyone.


Connect with people in your industry. Meet their contacts. Don’t be afraid to ask for, guest-posts, backlinks and visit offline events and get people’s contact details. And always stay in touch with them, by email, by social media and by inviting them to purchase from your share pages on

Use the concept of “reward” as the way to address people. Here are some great examples to use:

Self-affirmation: When a potential buyer expresses their opinion on something, tell them; that you too have the same opinion and how you find it interesting.

Humour: Selling with humour always works. People always need light relief from their ongoing duties. Humour makes you memorable.

Help: If a buyer is having difficulty with something, help them out by sending them a link that might help solve their difficulties

Intellectual reward: Share your valued insight with the world, make sure to collect likes and connections as you go.


Buyers everywhere inevitably will be needing your services or content. It’s your job to be there when they need you. Take time in your day to execute your strategy and be systematic. Follow the above and your network and freelance work world will surely grow. is the new generation, free to use platform for writers, self-help experts, consultants, motivational coaches, photographers, illustrators, lawyers, designers, coders, course givers and everyone else.

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