Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life

Steve Ash - Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life
Steve Ash – Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life

Does the freelance lifestyle sound inviting? For many people, the idea of giving up your corporate job, waving goodbye to the boss and getting back in control of your own career sounds extremely enticing. But if becoming a freelancer is your goal, how do you set about going freelance and starting this new chapter in your work life?

Steve Ash, author and content consultant at CommsBreakdown, has created the ideal 101 guide for the freelance newbie, with his book ‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’.

Getting back in control of your life

If you’d like to start achieving the benefits of a more flexible career, where YOU are in control of your destiny, then now’s the time to start.

‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’ is a comprehensive guide for anyone setting out on the freelance journey. Each chapter gives you the simple, easy-to-follow tips you need, with clear advice on setting up your own freelance business. And the feedback from readers has been that this is a no-nonsense book that gets you started on your journey:

“If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, ‘Going Freelance’ is a must-read! It is packed with techniques, hacks, tips and ideas on how to begin your journey in freelance.” LS

“Very concise advice, all in an easy-to-read lingo, without a lot of blah blah, It can be read fairly quickly and then put to action.” Nina

A great and to-the-point read with lots of practical advice and no nonsense instruction that will most definitely fast track your journey.”Naomi

A quick dip into the main chapters

The aim of ‘Going Freelance’ is that it’s a book you can dip into and read as your freelance journey progresses. Each chapter is short and to-the-point, giving you important practical bullet points to work through, and a ‘key takeaway’ summary at the end of the chapter, to refresh your memory and get you inspired to take action.

So, what’s actually in the book? Let’s dip into each chapter and see how the book takes you from freelance newbie to confident self-employed business owner.

The book explains how to:

  1. Understand the Benefits (And Challenges) Of Going Freelance – before you jump in feet first, Chapter 1 outlines the pros and cons of a freelance life, so you’re aware of the potential benefits, but also understand some of the challenges you’ll face.

  2. Ensure You Have The Right Experience And Skills – to become a successful freelancer you ‘need the skills to pay the bills’, so it’s important to know your skill set and to make sure you’ve got the knowledge and experience that’s required to win work.

  3. Make The Jump And Get Started – once you’re certain that freelancing is for you, Chapter 3 runs you through all the key elements of setting up your business and getting started as a freelancer – helping you tick all the correct compliance and planning boxes.

  4. Know Why You’re In Business – having a clear idea of your vision and brand is important when you’re starting out, so Chapter 4 helps you to understand the true mission behind your new business and to set the right goals for the future.

  5. Find Your First Customer – a business with no customers is not a viable business, so Chapter 5 sets out the important ways to target the right audience, find the ideal customers and begin building lasting relationships with your new clients.

  6. Market Your Brand And Services – to stand out in the marketplace and bring in  a continual pipeline of work, you need to market yourself. This means understanding your brand, deciding on a brand style and using the best digital marketing channels.

  7. Choose Where To Work – should you work from home, or get yourself a desk in a coworking space? Chapter 7 explores the different options you have when it comes to your freelance workspace, and the pros and cons of each working location.

  8. Join The Freelance Community – working on your own can be tough, so in Chapter 8 we get an introduction to the power and value of working with other freelancers. Being part of that wider community offers support, friendship and a great referral network.

  9. Build On Your Client Relationships – taking good care of your clients is vital, as a freelancer. Chapter 9 highlights the real value of nurturing and building on your client relationships, to make sure your customers are happy and satisfied.

  10. Manage Your Workload – having to self-manage without your boss to drive you doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Chapter 10 explains some helpful ways to manage your workflow, plan out your jobs and sales pipeline and keep on top of the workload.

  11. Manage Your Numbers – if your business doesn’t make money, you’ll fail – it’s that simple. So Chapter 11 outlines the basics of bookkeeping, accounting and setting the right financial goals and profit targets for your freelance business.

  12. Get Paid On Time – late payment is one of the biggest challenges that freelancers face. Chapter 12 gives some top tips for making sure your clients pay your invoices on time, every time. Keeping payment regular works wonders for your cashflow and profits.

  13. Pursue A Good Work/life Balance – Ultimately, one of the BIG benefits of freelancing is being able to manage your own time and working lifestyle. Chapter 13 looks at ways to promote a healthy work/life balance and how to build work around your life.

  14. Get Started As A Freelancer – the final chapter recaps on all the key points in the book, giving you a short, concise list of key actions for the newbie freelancer to take. Having read the whole book, you’re ready to get going.

Start your freelance journey

So, does freelancing sound like the career for you? If you’re feeling inspired by this book preview, and love the idea of being the boss of your own self-employed business, there’s no time like the present – get the book, start reading and begin your new freelance life!

Going Freelance is available in Kindle and Print editions on Amazon


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