Globashare the perfect replacement to Patreon

For content creators, podcasters, youtubers, comedians, journalists, artists and other creatives, Patreon has become a convenient way in which to monetize content outside of large commercial channels. Patreon’s concept of monetization is based on reoccurring monthly donations from “patrons” in exchange for exclusive digital content on a dedicated seller page – a great solution for those that produce content that others value.

Demand is rising for alternatives to Patreon, as the platform has disaffected high profile users over the past few years, in addition to its limited tool set. Now however, there is a great new alternative for raising money to support what you do and that alternative is and here’s what’s on offer.

More flexibility and choice than Patreon

When comparing to Patreon, Globashare offers you more monetization options to choose from. With Globashare, in addition to accepting reoccurring donations. You can also sell digital downloads, media and content at fixed prices. You can also sell services at fixed prices.

Here are your options

Subscription share pages

On Globashare you have three flavors of subscription share pages

  • Subscribe at a fixed monthly fee – a Patreon style subscription page.
  • Subscribe Free/premium – offer a free news feed, with the ability to make some posts “paid to access”
  • Subscribe free with donations – Access a news feed that allows you to accept donations.

And it doesn’t stop there

Unlike Patreon you are not limited to a single “subscription” share page for your world of content – on Globashare you can create as many other “share pages” as you like with different payment modes and different content types and digital downloads including the ability to:

Sell Products / Digital Downloads

Create share pages to offer content at “one-time fixed prices” including video, audio and information content and media

Sell services

Offer your knowhow or access to your audiences at fixed prices

Share your work & skills with the world through Globashare’s powerful sharing tools

Globashare also allows you to share your content around the web with its powerful sharing tools. Linkup with others creators on its own social network. Browse for inspiration and take part in conversation on a powerful work-based community platform.

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