5 Amazing ways to make money online from your skills

5 Amazing ways to make money online from your skills - Globashare.com
Like many every day, you’ve probably asked yourself “how can I  make money online?”

How can I start an internet business?
What business can I start without money?
Can I become a freelancer?
Where can I find freelancers?
Where can I find freelance work?
How can I make money in my spare time?
How can I make money from my spare resources?
How can I make money from a brief opportunity?

Well there’s really good news for people looking to make money online by monetizing their information, their knowhow and their skills and it’s called Globashare.com.

Before we get into “why” Globashare.com is so powerful, let us take a look at what is available “now” for Knowledge-workers and why a new set of tools are badly needed.

Payment tools

When selling your skills and know-how across the internet, you need a few basic tools including a payment facility and a framework for trust and reliability.

When PayPal was born it offered a simple and easy way for individual users to accept payments, and make money online, without the bureaucracy involved in acquiring a credit card payment gateway.

This basically democratized payments across the Internet for individuals allowing them to accept payments on websites they had built.

Make money online - Globashare.com - Power to People - Make money Online

Freelance sites.

Freelance sites (Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Fiverr) offer Buyers hiring freelancers easy access to workers from across the world.

They offer two basic ways for conducting commerce:

  1. Freelancing my milestone
  2. Freelancing by the hour.

Their approach took the pre-internet method to freelancing and transposed it online. In the process this limited opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

Their approach flooded their marketplaces for cheap labor pushing out sellers with compelling offerings unable to compete on price alone.

Ask any freelancer out there about freelancing by hour and they will confirm it just isn’t worth it.

Digital Content Marketplaces

If you want to upload and sell your content on one of the many Digital content marketplaces out there, you will have to go through a series of hurdles that make wanting to sell your content online quite a chore.

Not to mention the “commission” taken on your content, often between 30% and 60% of your ticket price. Not Good.

So basically, the problems are

  1. Freelance marketplaces are crammed with cheap labor, squeezing out other sellers.
  2. Freelancer discovery is poor.
  3. On freelance sites there are only two ways of selling your know-how by milestone or by hour.
  4. Freelancing by Hour does not pay.
  5. Entry to content marketplaces it’s difficult and time-consuming.
  6. Commissions taken by content marketplaces are as high as 60%.

It’s time for a change

For too long established players have had the power over the average worker. This is about to change. Barriers allowing you to make money online have been lifted.

Globashare.com levels the playing field allowing you no less than five different ways to monetize your work, your information and your intellectual property.

Instead of a freelance marketplace where freelancers are corralled into reverse auctions – now you have rich freelancer discovery, dynamic portfolios and 5 different monetization tools.

With no barriers to entry – In under 2 minutes Set-up – and sell easily and powerfully through exciting sharing-economy sale-types, including:

Five ways of Selling - Globashare.com

Services by Fixed or Tiered prices

Globashare allows sellers to define and price a service and also attach bolt-on extras to help increase your ticket price.

On top of this, you may offer three tiers for the same service – each with a different price – enhancing your service offering on each tier – example “regular”, “business”, “Pro”.

  • Finished Products at Fixed Prices

Sell your ready content at a fixed price

  • Subscriptions – Monthly

Make money online selling your work as a subscription. If you are a creator of valued information, entertainment, or multimedia you can now sell your work, as a subscription, banking on monthly reoccurring payments.

  • Pre-sales

Pre-sales allows sellers to take orders for an item that will be ready at a given date in future.

Globashare also provides an option that allows you to set a minimum number of pre-orders to be filled before commencing delivery of your offering.

Freelance by Milestone

Globashare allows sellers to also freelance by milestone. This is where both buyers and sellers creating agreement that is linked to a set of milestones. Each milestone linked to a payment.

Creating new economies and combining Globashare’s dynamic sale types

Selling in combination of each Payment type is where Globashare really takes off. Allowing sellers for example; to sell services at fixed prices  – and ready items – and even ongoing work as a subscription – multiplies opportunities for seller’s exponentially.

How you can start selling now

So how easy is it to start selling. Basically, you create a Globashare Share Page. It takes about 2 minutes.

Make money online - Sell your content, knowhow, work and time - Globashare.com

What about promotion

So, I’ve created my page, what’s next? More than a simple webpage your know-how is part of a dynamic community driven sales platform:

  • Globashare’s marketplace is curated with buyer and seller matchmaking
  • When you create a Share Page it is buy default shared on Globashare’s internal social network
  • Take part in community driven sales initiatives
  • Globashare is tightly integrated with wider social networks for sharing across the web
  • Internal and external buyer and seller promotion
  • Create custom buyer, seller groups and networks

So, who are Globashare’s Sellers

  • They are sellers of new generation services and content.
  • Everybody who creates personal content and IP.
  • Sellers of content with “brief opportunity value”.
  • Users that want an immediate channel to post for sale – research, knowledge and IP that has come to hand.
  • Globashare is an ideal channel for re-purposing and maximizing personal content
  • Sellers who are tech and payments disadvantaged.
  • They are knowledge workers, developers, marketers, entertainers, creatives, information providers, fieldworkers, specialized service providers, task vendors to name a few.

What can I sell? Here’s some ideas…

  • Anything that can be transmitted digitally!

Globashare is a dynamic sales platform that allows you to sell almost anything that can be transmitted digitally.

  • Valued Information

Do you have information or data that other people would pay for? With Globashare you now have a way to monetize this – see info-broadcast or blog subscriptions

  • Finished Content

Are you a creator of content and would like a quick and easy way to share your creations with the World in just a few clicks

  • Subscription Blogs

Like to write, research and publish – now you can Subscription Charge for it in a simple and flexible way.

  • Pre Sales – Work that will be finished at a given date in the future

Want to sell something that will be available in the future – now you can

  • Pre-Sell – with a “minimum number” of orders” required before launch

Have an idea and want a minimum number of orders before launching your project? Set your pre-sale share page to have a minimum order limit.

  • Pre-Sales – limited quantities

Want to create something exclusive – in limited quantities – select Pre-Sell as you create a Share page and choose the “Limited Quantity” option.

  • Services – Simple or Tiered Pricing

Want to sell your skills – price your offerings at flat rates “Simple pricing” or make your service more alluring with “Tiered Pricing” that allows you to capitalise on offering extras. Tiered pricing allows you x3 tiers of pricings on any service you may wish to offer!

 Make money online with Globashare’s start-up categories

  • Audio & Music
  • Blogs
  • Business Documents
  • Digital Marketing
  • Film & Animation
  • Graphics & Design
  • Information of Value
  • Stock Photography & Illustration
  • Programming & Data
  • Written Word
  • Lifestyle content
  • Tasks and Fieldwork
  • and
  • Everything else

 Promote easily and powerfully through our sharing tools 

  • Social Media Integration
  • Globashare’s Marketplace
  • Globashare’s News Feeds
  • Globashare’s Friends Network
  • Personalized URL’s for Sharing

 Sell Something Now! 

Before now selling digital information and content has been limited. Now Globashare opens-up a new world of opportunities to make money online – allowing information providers, content producers, artists, and businesses access to a community sale and sharing platform that puts you instantly in charge.

Make money online now, selling your information only on Globashare.com – coming soon.  Preregister for 3 months free Gold Membership.

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