Offering your professional services online

Creating the perfect Service Share Page on
Service Share Pages are an excellent way to bring buyers straight to freelancers, without the hard work of having to reach out with custom-made proposals. On so far, Service Share Page Offers have been the most popular way for buyers to get their work done.

 What is a Service share page offer?
Service offers are small pre-packaged projects that can be delivered for a fixed price within a few days. Basically, a Service Share Page Offer is an ‘express project’, which is a great way to showcase your skills and services and attract new buyers who can try you out on a smaller piece of work.

Hot Fact: Over 45% of Service share page sales lead to larger follow-on work.

Creating a great Service Offering that will
attract buyers

1. Analyse your competition
Before you start creating a Service Share Page, it is a must to checkout your competition. Figure out what the most successful offerings have in common, so you can make sure you also hit these sweet spots.

Checkout if you find a niche within your skill-set with few offers, it could be an opportunity to exploit this skills gap.

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