Top 5 freelancer websites for 2021

Top 5 freelancer websites for 2021
Top 5 freelancer websites for 2021

Here is Work Online Review’s list for top freelance websites for 2021 

We start our list with a new entry. Globashare is the next generation work-online platform, joining the party in 2020. While other freelancer websites put more power in the hand of the buyers, the reverse is true for Globashare. Where more power is being given to sellers. With an open approach to getting people selling their work quickly. Globashare offers great networking tools and the lowest commissions on the market. 

While other platforms let you either freelance or sell digital downloads, Globashare allows you to sell and find work in many more ways. These ways include, selling downloads, freelancing, selling subscriptions and services. What makes all of that special is that, you can sell in combinations of all of the above. Allowing you to incentivise your offerings and grow your work world . This without putting in the hefty effort required by other platforms in oder to get working.

Importantly Globashare also avoids the issue of “race to the bottom prices” other freelance websites have found themselves in. This is done by taking the focus away from just bid-based hiring. With Globashare it’s more about the quality of your offering.

Globashare Pros: 

Sell with many sales and transaction types, 

Sell digital downloads

Sell subscriptions

Globashare Cons

Still new

Misses a few of the tools available in other work platforms

No support for Apple Pay or any cryptocurrencies

No A/B testing functionality

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Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life

Steve Ash - Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life
Steve Ash – Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life

Does the freelance lifestyle sound inviting? For many people, the idea of giving up your corporate job, waving goodbye to the boss and getting back in control of your own career sounds extremely enticing. But if becoming a freelancer is your goal, how do you set about going freelance and starting this new chapter in your work life?

Steve Ash, author and content consultant at CommsBreakdown, has created the ideal 101 guide for the freelance newbie, with his book ‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’.

Getting back in control of your life

If you’d like to start achieving the benefits of a more flexible career, where YOU are in control of your destiny, then now’s the time to start.

‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’ is a comprehensive guide for anyone setting out on the freelance journey. Each chapter gives you the simple, easy-to-follow tips you need, with clear advice on setting up your own freelance business. And the feedback from readers has been that this is a no-nonsense book that gets you started on your journey:

“If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, ‘Going Freelance’ is a must-read! It is packed with techniques, hacks, tips and ideas on how to begin your journey in freelance.” LS

“Very concise advice, all in an easy-to-read lingo, without a lot of blah blah, It can be read fairly quickly and then put to action.” Nina

A great and to-the-point read with lots of practical advice and no nonsense instruction that will most definitely fast track your journey.”Naomi

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Globashare the perfect replacement to Patreon

For content creators, podcasters, youtubers, comedians, journalists, artists and other creatives, Patreon has become a convenient way in which to monetize content outside of large commercial channels. Patreon’s concept of monetization is based on reoccurring monthly donations from “patrons” in exchange for exclusive digital content on a dedicated seller page – a great solution for those that produce content that others value.

Demand is rising for alternatives to Patreon, as the platform has disaffected high profile users over the past few years, in addition to its limited tool set. Now however, there is a great new alternative for raising money to support what you do and that alternative is and here’s what’s on offer.

More flexibility and choice than Patreon

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Globashare announces it’s launch on Product Hunt the “Work Online” platform, today announced its launch on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

By announcing its launch on Product Hunt, Globashare hope to gather a loyal user base of, advisers and evangelists, who will help improve and promote its future of work platform.

About Globashare is a sharing economy “online work” marketplace. Affording information providers and content producers access to buy and sell work as; services, digital downloads, subscriptions and work by milestone.

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The online work platform that might change the way you work


The world of work is changing rapidly and working from home has has almost become the “new normal”. While having to work from home is new to many, some of us have lost their jobs altogether, while others are considering working differently than before. 

This has provoked many of us to question existing work practices and whether to seek new opportunities through part time or full time freelancing. bridges this transition and puts workers’ in-charge with powerful work-creation and online tools for selling your work online.

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